The nauseating interviewee

The interviewee made me feel sick. Sickened by his ill fitting suit. Sickened by his grey comb over. Sickened by his nervous cough. But most of all sickened by the realisation that one day I would be in his seat, pushing 50, answering patronising questions from young asses, desperately hoping that they might offer me […]

A new recurring dream

I suddenly become aware that I am urinating onto the carpet at the base of a support pillar in the middle of the office. At first it soaks into  the carpet but soon there is a puddle. The splashing noise becomes more conspicuous.  As I return to my desk, fastening my fly as I go, […]

Mothballs and shit

Jonny Crest had started meditating in an effort to inoculate himself against the manufactured stresses inherent in his position as a middle manager at a corporation. Because his desk was in the midst of a sea of identical desks, arrayed in islands of six, he could not meditate there. Nor could he use a meeting room, […]